Custom exit code to NOT show balloon prompt that it failed

Hi All,

I can see the exit code message here in the deploy-application text : 69000 - 69999: Recommended for user customized exit codes in Deploy-Application.ps1

Basically how do i set a custom exit code in deploy-application as i cant see how in the documentation?


I have a Show-InstallationPrompt prompting the user if they want to defer for 60 minutes.

This brings the answer from the prompt into a Powershell:

 if ($response -eq 'Defer for 60 minutes')  { 
        Start-Sleep 3600
        Exit-Script -ExitCode 69002 #this code to indicate user clicked to install later. 

How can i after the 60 minutes stop the toolkit returning a failure balloon message for exit code 69002?

Id like the exit code 69002 to not show ANY balloon or failure messages if possible?

Many thanks!

This should have worked.

I would add an Else to the If statement in-case the If doesn’t happen.

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