changing default name for Deploy-Application

Can you change the default names for Deploy-Application.exe, Deploy-Application.ps1 and Deploy-Application.exe.config? I’d like to change them to the Application name. For example Firefox 38.1.1.ps1 (and exe and exe.config). Is this possible?

Sorry I cant give you an answer. But im curious about why you would want to do this?

I’d like to change the name of the script to match the application name. That way, I won’t get confused with all the scripts being the same name. More than once, I almost edited the script when I had multiple tabs open, and they were all the same Deploy-Application. Very easy to make an error.


You place the scripts in folders named after the application, right? In Powershell ISE you just hover over the tab and you will se the UNC path, in other words the application-name.

you can change the name of Deploy-Application.ps1, but not sure about the others.
If you rename the Deploy-Application.ps1, you can still call it from Deploy-Application.exe by running:
Deploy-Application.exe MyCustomNamedScript.ps1

That would at least allow you to see the names of the PS1 files in the Powershell ISE tabs.


I would answer why using deploy-applications? Just create your own script.