Change Log Request

The change log details items that were added, fixed, or changed in the PSADT. In addition to the details provided in the change log, would you also provide details on which of the core files (if any) were modified to add the fixes or features? An example of the files would include, but are not limited to the AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml, AppDeployToolkitMain.cs, Deploy-Application.exe, or Deploy-Application.exe.config the details for which are not included in the change log for the current release.

I don’t think it makes sense to add that information to the changelog when you can look at the GitHub commit history online ( or in a program such as GitHub For Windows or even Altassian SourceTree to get that information.

It would just make each entry in the changelog kind of messy and longer then it needs to be. Almost every single file in the toolkit was changed in the last release.

This makes sense, thank you for the information.