Calling one package from another

What a treat, a great tool and a great community.

I use this tool outside SCCM, so I have a small wrapper script that calls my deployment modules in order.

I have just written a module for a software deployment that required previous modules to be uninstalled. I originally just used Remove-MSIApplications to remove the required software installs, but then upon consideration, I should really call

Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType "Uninstall"

My packages sit in a simple folder structure:


so if I need app5 to uninstall app4 and app3 how would I call this using a relative path.

e.g. …/app4/Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType “Uninstall”

or is there a built in function to do this?

@ryanh, $scriptDirectory is the folder where you run Deploy-Application.exe from
To get the parent directory you can use:
Split-Path -Path $scriptDirectory -Parent

So I would suggest:
$PackageDirectory = Split-Path -Path $scriptDirectory -Parent
Execute-Process -Path “$PackageDirectory\app4\Deploy-Application.exe” -Parameters ‘-DeploymentType Uninstall -DeployMode Silent’

Thanks so much that was exactly what I was looking for