Application Management Tool

Anyone here as a solution to manage the list of applications/versions licences available through the company? We are currently using a mix of Sharepoint Lists, OneNote Notebook and Files to do all that. We were thinking about maybe trying to develop something in PowerApps to fill our needs, but I can’t believe such a solution doesn’t already exists.

Googling got me nowhere as searching terms like “applications, software, etc” fills search results with tons of other software that aren’t related to what I’m searching. Possibly, the right terms to search don’t come to mind.

We would like a solution where you can add softwares/applications and versions under them, write installation notes, installation locations (computers), licenses that could then be linked to those, managing number of said licenses, renewal date, etc.

Even better, with a web interface where we could point users so they could browse that list, see where those versions are installed, etc.

Sounds like you need a CMDB of some sort. Doesn’t your ticketing system do this?All the expensive one have something like that. Track-It is inexpensive in comparison to the monsters, is basic, easy to set up and can do much of this out of the box. Or at least it used to. Haven’t used it in a few years.

Regardless, you seem to be describing a licensing/software tracking component of a CMDB/ticketing system.

You might also be looking at something like “”. It will not provide you a place to store things like installation notes though.

Also SCCM should have a lot of the information you’re looking for. As it gather information including installed software during the Hardware Inventory.